Helen of Troy- Whore or Heroine?

Published in Hastings Independent Press Issue 91 8/12/17 Beautiful Helen of Troy - seduced by Paris into leaving her daughter and husband, Menelaus. It’s often said about women in Ancient Greece that they were second class citizens without power or freedom, so was she just an object to be manipulated and fought over? Generalisations made … Continue reading Helen of Troy- Whore or Heroine?


Art and Bathing on the Hoof: the Scythians at the British Museum.

Published in Hastings Independent Press Issue 89 10/11/17 If you saw the film ‘Eagle Huntress’, perhaps you wondered, among other things, how nomads manage bathing. There’s one answer in Herodotus, a Greek historian of around 484-425 BCE: a tent of wooden mats supported by poles is set over a pit into which red hot stones … Continue reading Art and Bathing on the Hoof: the Scythians at the British Museum.

Environmental Metaphors

Charcoal drawing

How does one convey the experience of relating to the environment: the visual and sensory stimuli, an awareness of its history and essential instability.? Four artists at Stables Studios in Fairlight Hastings find metaphors. The artists can be contacted via the facebook page: Stables Studios Fairlight @StablesStudiosFairlight 1. Sally Cole "…..and you can feel by … Continue reading Environmental Metaphors

Liquid Assets

These rather athletic lovelies have tied their clothes to a bar and are paddling in a pool while showering under water jetting from boars' mouths. It's a sophisticated bathing experience which wouldn't be out of place in a Spitalfields Rough Luxe interior. These showers are on a fourth century BCE Italian pot. It's my guess … Continue reading Liquid Assets

Graze in the Grand Manner.

Graze-on-Grand.  St Leonards on sea. “Cassoulet of pancetta, sausage, Guinea fowl & baked apple.” “Beetroot risotto, horseradish cream & red mullet”. “Sardines Venetian style with white onions, pine nuts & golden sultana.” With: “Picpoul de Pinet, Domaine de Belle Mare”- delicate, mineral, salty. Or: “San Vincenzo (Garganega) Anselmi”- melon, nut, orange blossom. Is this heaven? … Continue reading Graze in the Grand Manner.