Achilles and Patroklus.

Homosexuality doesn't seem to have been acknowledged in epic culture,  at least there is no evidence for it in Homer, but this vase was made for a 5th C clientele for whom homosexuality was widely accepted. So here Achilles has been translated from a robust warrior into a lissom youth. If you follow his glance … Continue reading Achilles and Patroklus.


The Berlin painter in satirical mood.

Here is Hermes with a satyr and deer. He is the go-to god for Facebook ( and my favourite) as he is god of communication, change and all forms of exchange and transition. Hermes (best boots, probably gilded leather - solid gold not ideal for flying) is enjoying a role play. He holds the wine … Continue reading The Berlin painter in satirical mood.

Andokides, Amazons, Alexander McQueen

Amazon wearing petticoat under leather armour. Andokides 525 BCE . Alexander McQueen Fall/Winter collection 2003. Amazons were usually thought of as a race of ferocious female warriors. Here the artist has given them sweet expressions and great legs. Because the black gloss hasn't adhered properly we can see the initial drawing underneath. The one on … Continue reading Andokides, Amazons, Alexander McQueen

Bearding Mary: Perseus and Medusa – Herstory not History.

Medusa is a gorgon, a monster with snakes for hair, whose glance alone will turn you to stone. Perseus is a young Greek who cuts off her head. In Trump’s campaign against Clinton, Cellini’s statue of Perseus with Medusa was adapted with Trump as Perseus and Clinton as the gorgon: a violent attack on Hilary. … Continue reading Bearding Mary: Perseus and Medusa – Herstory not History.