Thalatta, Thalatta! Stories from the Deep.

The cheer was used later by Jules Verne, for the discovery of an underground ocean; by Iris Murdoch and James Joyce. In Ulysses, Buck Mulligan calls the sea ‘snot-green’ in a parody of Homer’s ‘wine-dark’’, which referred to the silkily impenetrable depth of colour it shared with the rough wines of the period.


Graze in the Grand Manner.

Graze-on-Grand.  St Leonards on sea. “Cassoulet of pancetta, sausage, Guinea fowl & baked apple.” “Beetroot risotto, horseradish cream & red mullet”. “Sardines Venetian style with white onions, pine nuts & golden sultana.” With: “Picpoul de Pinet, Domaine de Belle Mare”- delicate, mineral, salty. Or: “San Vincenzo (Garganega) Anselmi”- melon, nut, orange blossom. Is this heaven? … Continue reading Graze in the Grand Manner.

Chameleon and worms fuel IT business

Biomedical Computing at Hastings Innovation Centre If you were doing a doctorate in worms would you see yourself in the future developing software? Perhaps not an obvious route, but one James Densem has taken, who started Biomedical Computing Ltd 20 years ago. Worms are ecosystem engineers, making channels for air and water  and converting leaves … Continue reading Chameleon and worms fuel IT business

‘Make the impossible possible, the possible easy and the easy elegant.’

Feldenkrais is an educational system which views the body and mind as an inseparable whole. Learning takes place through movement and directed attention and affects the whole person. Improvements include greater ease and fluency of movement, co-ordination and a sense of well-being. It can address a wide range of conditions, from ADHD to cerebral palsy, … Continue reading ‘Make the impossible possible, the possible easy and the easy elegant.’